Building Trust and Regulatory Clarity in Blockchain and Digital Assets [Ripple]


Ripple is an international business by definition. We use blockchain technology and digital assets to remove friction from global payments. From the very beginning, we’ve worked within the existing international banking system, as opposed to around it, engaging with regulators worldwide to ensure success for our customers. While we’ve seen exciting regulatory progress over the past year, challenges still lie ahead.

With this in mind, we invited leaders on the front lines of digital asset and blockchain regulation to Ripple HQ to share their take on the advancements, frustrations and major hurdles facing the industry in the year to come. Panelists Kevin Werbach, Author and Professor at the Wharton School, Valeria Bystrowicz and Sarah Hody, both Associates at Perkins Coie, joined me for this inaugural Ripple Expert Views event.

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