Traders Require Compensation After OKEx Closed BCH Futures, Promising to No Longer Work with the Exchange


For digital money to fully realize its potential, the industry must open doors for institutional investors. This conclusion was reached by the experts of the Dutch KPMG audit company, one of the Big Four world auditors.

The document named “Institutionalization of Cryptoassets” states why and how large investors should enter the crypto market, what problems they are to face, and what exactly can make cryptocurrency become a full-fledged financial assets class.

The authors of the report believe that crypto assets clearly have potential, but its implementation requires institutionalization. It implies a large-scale participation of exchanges, banks, payment providers, broker-dealers, and fintech companies within the market. Together they will form a global ecosystem of digital financial services. It’s the necessary next step for the crypto market to build trust in the traditional financial industry and reach its proper scale.

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