OPINION: 2020 to Stay a Building Year (Part II)

Election cycle stalls regulations while foreign policy ramps up cyber concerns.

Top 10 IntelAlley Stories of 2019

10. Prepping for AI

Wall Street Frets Over Data Privacy

Nearly 3-in-4 firms polled are less than confident in their ability to identify personal information.

Congress Mulls Reining In Alt Data Collection

Sourcing alternative data, such as consumer financial transactions, likely will become more difficult for data brokers in the future as the US...

Goldman Sachs Open Sources Data Modeling

Goldman Sachs has made another open-source contribution with the donation of its visual model tool Alloy and Pure logical modeling language to...

Funds to Scale Digital Transformation Across Alternative Financial Markets

New York, NY, September 4, 2019 – T-REX, the leading analytics and data solution for complex investments, today announced a new funding round...

Wyoming Mulls Data-Privacy Protections

The Cowboy State wrestles between giving personal data consumer protection or treating it as property.