UJET Reveals Top Mobile, Cloud and Web Customer Service Predictions for 2019

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–UJET’s Founder and CEO Anand Janefalkar has revealed his top customer service predictions for 2019. Exceptional customer support will mean fast access to personalized, efficient, omnichannel service by phone, live chat and mobile app. Empowering more efficient interactions by enabling end users to verify their identity and share photos, screenshots and texts with support agents using a smartphone and providing contact center managers the visibility and flexibility to optimize operations in real time are an imperative.

  1. Companies will begin to treat customer support and communication as an integral part of the product and brand.
  2. Blending of different technologies in cloud computing space is going to continue and accelerate
  3. Organizations will continue to move to cloud-based customer support solutions.
  4. Companies will realize the need to up their game in how they provide support in their mobile apps.
  5. Context-aware solutions maximize what we know about a user.
  6. Customer service will become progressively more user profile and data-driven.
  7. Companies will continue to move to a single support center solution.
  8. Automation of processes will have more impact than AI.

Full release: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190103005136/en/UJET-Reveals-Top-Mobile-Cloud-Web-Customer